Image Requirements & Technical Specifications

The image requirements below ensure a consistent and harmonious tone across our platform. To save you time and increase your track’s chance of being featured, make sure that your submissions meet these. If the accompanying track image submitted does not adhere to our requirements, we reserve the right to reject the track until these are met.

To give you a better idea of our visual style, here are sample imagery for tracks in general, for kids, and for sleep. You may visit,, and for royalty-free images.

Your track or course's accompanying image must be high-resolution with at least 1600x1600 pixels. Content with images less than this will not be approved.

We don’t accept blurry images, images containing excess noise, busy backgrounds, selfies, or images taken at extreme angles

We also don’t accept black-and-white images, composite images (aka collages or the combination of multiple images merged into a single surface).

Over-edited images are also not accepted. Specifically, photos that are over-sharpened, over-saturated, over-exposed, have selective colors picked out on black and white photos, as well as those with heavy vignetting.

Images should also not have borders, graphics, text or watermarks overlaid on them. Borders include photos with a border, or partial borders of any color. Graphics include logos, clipart or any additional elements or overlays that are not original to the photo. Text includes time stamps, hand lettering and fonts.

Images must be uplifting and inspirational so please steer clear of images that portray sad, distressing or bleary situations and scenes like calamities, people shouting or crying, etc. Similarly, images must also not contain nudity, be sexually suggestive, or depict any violence.

We only allow headshots/portraits for Talks and non-sleep Guided Meditations. If you wish to use your headshot or portrait image, make sure that they comply with our Teacher Profile Requirements.

Illustrations, artworks, graphics or cartoons are only allowed for tracks intended for an audience of Kids/Teenagers, as supervised by parents/guardians. We don't allow the use of such for other kinds of tracks. You may check for such images. Here are are also some sample imagery for tracks for kids.

Meanwhile, for tracks that have either “Improve sleep” or “Sleep deeply now” as primary or secondary benefit, we require the accompanying image to be conducive to sleep. Examples of this are photos of starry skies or dark macro images of plants and leaves. Here are some sample imagery for tracks for sleep.

Violation of or failure to comply with any of the above may result into rejection of tracks and courses,  delay in publishing as well as temporarily or permanently being banned from using and uploading content on our platform.

Read our complete Requirements and Guidelines for Teachers.

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