Teacher Profile Requirements

Before proceeding with uploading and publishing content, teachers must first set up their Teacher Profile. Here’s how to sign up as an Insight Timer teacher. To avoid delay, please make sure that your profile meets the requirements below.

Your profile photo must be a high-quality headshot with a resolution of at least 1600 x 1600 (square). It must be well-lit, not overly edited or heavily filtered, and not depict nudity or violence. No black-and-white images, and no selfies, please. No busy backgrounds, too. It also must not have any text or borders.

For a group or organization, logos are accepted. The logo should just be the “icon” and not include any text.

Musicians may use a full-body photo, but only if it shows them using or with their instrument/s. Yoga teachers may likewise use a full-body photo of them in yoga poses.

Here are sample headshots for reference.

Your Publisher Bio is a place for you to tell listeners about yourself and your practice. Please make sure it is written in the third person, and keep it between 200 and 500 characters (about 60-80 words). Do not use emojis, all caps, and include web links – there are dedicated sections for this. 

All these requirements must be met before tracks can be published or being allowed to use the Live platform.

Violation of or failure to comply with any of the above may result into rejection of tracks and courses,  delay in publishing as well as temporarily or permanently being banned from using and uploading content on our platform.

Read our complete Requirements and Guidelines for Teachers.

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