Reasons for Rejecting Content

We reserve the right to reject and not accept content that violates any of our Content Requirements and Guidelines, and our Image Requirements and Technical Specifications

Rejected tracks are automatically reverted to a Draft status and you will also be notified via email. Make sure to check your Spam or Junk folder to not miss any emails from

Moreover, other possible reasons for rejection are:

  • The audio file is corrupted
  • The track has already been uploaded aka duplication
  • The track is meant to be for silent or timed meditation, which the app's built-in timer already serves
  • Incomplete details like missing category, benefits, description, etc.
  • Audio file contains nothing but dead air, or periods of prolonged silence
  • The track mentions a competing platform/s
  • The track refers to the Wim Hof Method or claims the practice as the Wim Hof Method. Only accredited instructors and Wim Hof himself are allowed to teach or use this practice.
  • Your track needs a clearer, more coherent description in paragraph form that is at least 500 characters in length.
  • There are emojis/special characters in the title and/or description.
  • Your track description contains links to websites and/or other platforms (emails, social media accounts, etc.)

To proceed with publishing, kindly update your track accordingly and re-submit it for approval. Our QA Team will review and publish them within 24 to 72 hours, barring any other breach in requirements and guidelines.

For reasons why courses are rejected, kindly check here.

Read our complete Requirements and Guidelines for Teachers to avoid disapprovals and delays.

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