Why go Live on Insight Timer?

There are many reasons to go live on Insight Timer. Below we have listed the most important ones.


Earn more revenue

Going live increases your revenue-earning potential on Insight Timer, whether that’s through donations or funneling more people to your course at the end of each session.

The donation Revenue is calculated as follows: 30% fees and taxes, 70% split between Insight Timer, 20%, and you the Teacher, 80%.


Increase Visibility

With over 8,000 teachers on Insight Timer, visibility matters. Every time you host a live session your followers will be notified and you will appear on our homepage, seen by upwards of 650,000 people every 24 hours.


Grow Your Audience

A ‘Follow’ button has been built into the live and post-live experience. This means the more live sessions you host, the more followers you’ll attract. The more followers you have, the more people we’ll notify each time you schedule a session, upload content, or release a course. And the cycle continues.


Boost Engagement

Live gives you a platform to engage with your audience in real-time. When doing so, you establish a more meaningful relationship with your audience. We recommend in these sessions you welcome viewers, ask them questions, and encourage meaningful comments.

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