How do I create my Live?

Read our step-by-step guide to create your live stream on Insight Timer below. For now, it is only possible to create your live event via the website and an iOS device. If you will be using the website, please make sure you are using Chrome and if you will be using our iOS device, please make sure to use the Insight Timer app.


Via the website

  • Login to your Teacher Profile on the website
  • Click “Live” from the menu bar
  • Click the “Create button”

Via the app

Tips for the creation process

Catchy title & description

Why should someone join your session over another teacher’s? Entice the Insight Timer community with a catchy title and description. You want to give people a reason to share your session far and wide and to feel motivated to turn up!

Double check your time & date before saving

It currently won’t be possible to change your time and date after clicking save, so please make sure you select the right time and date.

Categorize your content carefully

To make sure your event is promoted to the best target audience, ensure you choose the most accurate benefit, origin and practice.

Next steps

Once your event has been created, we recommend you share and promote with your audience using the deep link provided once you click the create button. 

Please note, your live will not appear in the app’s browse section for 48 hours, allowing our team to approve your title, description and theme.

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