Content Guidelines For Publishers

Publisher Bio

Your Publisher Bio is a place for you to tell listeners about yourself and your practice. There is space on your Bio for a description and a weblink. This is the only place where links will be allowed. If you include them in the Bio text they will be removed.

Please note all bios are limited to 500 characters. 


- Write in the 3rd person
- Write between 200 and 500 characters (about 60-80 words). 

- Use emojis

- Use web links


Profile Photo

- Please upload a high-quality headshot with a minimum resolution of 1600 x 1600 pixels.

Ensure your photo is well-lit, not overly edited, or heavily filtered.
No black and white images and no selfies, please.
Please choose a headshot without pure white or black background.

- For a group or organization, logos are accepted:
The logo should just be the "icon" and not include any text unless the official logo is a stylized typeface.
No white or black backgrounds, please.

- For Live Meditation and Talk teachers, please upload a headshot or a logo only.

- For Musicians, please upload a headshot, logo, or a full-body photo with your instrument/s.

- For Live Yoga teachers, please upload a headshot, logo, or a full-body photo with yoga poses.



Rules and Regulations

Please refrain from including any promotional content in your recordings. This includes the mentioning of websites, books, courses, and retreats. It’s important the meditations and talks themselves remain a place of refuge, which is why we provide a space for promotion on your Publisher Profile.

Before you upload anything onto the app be sure you have all the necessary rights.

We take issues with copyright very seriously so remember to credit all musicians for background music and other teachers who may have influenced your work.

If you are uploading on someone else’s behalf then written permission may be requested. Any material that is found to breach copyright will be removed immediately.

Content Tips

The optimal length for meditation is between 10-20 minutes (slightly longer for music and talks), however, we have content that ranges from 45 seconds to 120 minutes.

Ending bell
We recommend using an ending bell unless it is a music track, talk, or meditation for sleep. Please note Insight Timer does not supply the use of an ending bell.

You are more than welcome to include music in your content, given that it is sourced from a royalty-free provider. Some commonly used royalty-free sources by teacher's on Insight Timer, are:

  • Chris Collins from Indie Music Box
  • BenSound
  • Christopher Lloyd Clarke
  • The Art Of Jim

In the form, you complete when uploading a guided meditation or podcast, there is a section entitled "Notable Contributors." In this section, please list the "Name" of the artist and use the dropdown option alongside, to reference them as the "Musician”.


You may also reference the title of the track in the description if you wish to share this for the listener’s benefit (although, this is not obligatory).


Recording Tips

The audio quality of content on the app greatly impacts the response your track receives, from the number of plays to the quality of ratings and reviews. It is worth taking the time to make your recording sound as good as possible. Content that does not meet our quality standards will not be approved.

Remember people will be meditating, so any sounds in the background or microphone interferences can cause immediate distraction. If your track was recorded in a live environment then please be sure to mention this in the description. 

We know not everyone has access to a recording studio and have compiled a list of tips to help you record the best quality at home:

Find a quiet recording space.

We recommend recording in a densely furnished small room. Carpeting and thick curtains help absorb sound reflections. Avoid places that echo and hard tiled rooms like a bathroom.

- Use a good quality microphone.

- Many of the best microphone companies now make USB microphones that run directly into the computer without needing external amplification. Here are some examples.

- For iPhone and iOS users, we’d highly recommend these microphones.

- Source background music to further enhance your meditations (optional).
If you do use music, please make sure you own the rights.

- Some royalty-free providers include:

Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Indie Music Box

Once the file is recorded it should be exported or converted to a 192kbps MP3. Anything higher than this isn’t necessary.

Image Guidelines

Our image guidelines ensure a consistent and harmonious tone across our platform. To save you time and increase your track’s chance of being featured, please ensure that your submissions meet our guidelines below. 

If the image submitted does not meet our guidelines, we reserve the right to change the image to one that is more suitable for your track and is in-line with our guidelines. If you have other suggestions, which adhere to our guidelines and better reflect your content, please email them to our team within 5 working days for consideration.

The image must have a high resolution. Content with images less than 1,500 by 1,500 pixels will not be approved.

The image must be of high quality
We don’t accept blurry images, images containing excess noise/busyness, selfies, or images taken on extreme angles.

No over-edited images
This includes:

Heavy vignetting




Picking single colors out on black and white photos

No black and white images

No composite images
A composite image is a picture that is made from the combination of multiple images merged into a single surface.

No borders, graphics, text, or watermarks overlaid on images
Borders include photos with a border or partial borders of any color

Graphics include logos, clipart, or any additional elements or overlays that are not original to the photos

The text includes timestamps, hand lettering, and fonts

No white backgrounds

No nudity or violence

Here are some royalty-free websites to browse images:


Help keep our live events positive, inclusive, and spam-free. Do not promote products that are not yet on Insight Timer. This includes references to websites, books, courses, and offline events. 

Rules and Regulations

No Promotion

Please refrain from promoting any products or services that are not on Insight Timer. This includes the mention of your website, books, external courses, and retreats. We are here to support you, so please support us.

No Hate Speech & Swearing

We aim to foster a positive, inclusive, and diverse community. Hate speech and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

No Political Content


No Nudity or Sexual Content

We restrict the display of nudity or sexual practices

No Misleading / Deceptive Content

We will terminate any live session aimed at deliberately deceiving people to gain an unfair advantage or deprive another of money, property, or legal right.


Guided Content

Please refrain from using any of the following topics: 

  1. Any form of hypnosis
  2. Financial related - explicitly referencing money
  3. Hyper political/ conspiratorial
  4. Drug Use
  5. Overtly sexual references
  6. No content led by children (under the age of 16) 

To help us remain inclusive and spam-free, Live sessions will be monitored by our support team to ensure these terms are not breached.

Teachers who are flagged 3 times will be banned from using Live and from uploading any content to Insight Timer for 12 months. If you see something that you think may violate our guidelines, please help us by letting us know at

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