Do I receive 100 % of the income?



It's possible for teachers on the app to receive donations from their listeners. These are the donation amounts available: US$ 1.99, US$ 4.99, US$ 9.99 (Androids only) and US$ 19.99.


After app store deductions, the Publisher receives 80% of the revenue and Insight Timer 20%. 


Here is an example of how much you will earn as a Publisher if you receive a US$ 19.99 donation:


          US$  19.99  donation         

        - US$   6.00  app store deductions 30%

              US$ 13.99  net amount received by Insight Timer after deductions


Final Split:

US$ 2.80  Insight Timer (20%)  

US$ 11.20 Publisher (80%)


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