How do I submit a course?

We are keen to know more about your idea for a course. However, due to high demand and limited resources, as well as courses being a premium paid product, we have determined a set of minimum qualifications a teacher must meet in order to proceed with creating a course. These are:

  • Must already be a Teacher on Insight Timer (Here's how to sign up for a Teacher Profile)
  • Uploaded at least five tracks on the platform
  • At least 100 followers on the app (Read our Tips on how to grow your audience)
  • An average of 4.7 ratings on tracks, and previous course/s, if any
  • Course topic must be unique, a fresh take, and/or addresses an underserved niche.

If a teacher ticks off all of these qualifications, they may download and write a course proposal using this form. Then, send the accomplished form to with the subject “Course Proposal: <Insert Proposed Course Title>”. Please note that submitting a proposal doesn't guarantee its approval. 

Our team will then get in touch for the next steps. Important: Please do not yet record any audio without advice from our team.

Alternatively, you may opt to wait for the Self-Upload Tool which will enable you to upload your course directly to Insight Timer via the Teacher Dashboard the same way you do with tracks. We are in the process of developing this and hope to make it available soon. We will make an announcement when it does.

Learn more about our Requirements and Guidelines for Publishing a Course.

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