How can Publishers earn revenue from their work?

It has been our intention from the start to help teachers earn meaningful revenue from their work.

This is possible through the following ways:

1. Subscription Revenue

2. Donations

3. Individual Course Sales



For USD $59.99 per year (USD $4.99 per month) a user now gets access to all Insight Courses and a selection of premium features including Offline Mode and Dark Mode.

Teachers receive 50% of all subscription income that Insight Timer receives after app store commissions. Teacher revenue is allocated per the following:

- 70% Insight Courses
- 30% Guided Library

We calculate who earns what based on two metrics only;

- Total play count (75%)
- Teacher engagement (25%)


This means the more you engage with students, the more you will earn. You can add value by replying to reviews on the Guided Library and by responding to Courses classroom comments.
Insight Timer celebrates and rewards genuine and thoughtful engagement. We love when teachers interact with meditators in a way that is authentic, insightful and adds value to their experience.
Insight Timer does not reward behavior that artificially increases the number of comments, plays, and reviews. Content and accounts participating in this activity may be removed from Insight Timer.


It's possible for teachers on the app to receive donations from their listeners. There will be three donation amounts available: $1.99, $4.99, and $19.99.

After App Store deductions, the Publisher receives 80% of the revenue and Insight Timer 20%. 

Here is an example of how much you will earn if you receive a $19.99 donation

$ 19.99  Donation         
$   6.00  App Store deductions 30% 
$ 13.99  Net received after deductions

Final Split:
$ 2.80  Insight Timer (20%)  
$ 11.20 Publisher (80%)

All courses are now for sale via our website for 20 USD. After Stripe fees, refunds, and taxes*, the Publisher receives 50% of the revenue and Insight Timer 50%.


We pay teachers every 30 days via PayPal once you have earned over USD$10. You'll need to full in your payment details via the Teacher Dashboard under the Payment Tab. 

Please note unclaimed monies after 12 months will be donated to charity.

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