Recording Tips

The audio quality of content on the app greatly impacts the response your track receives, from the number of plays to quality of ratings and reviews.

It is worth taking the time to make your recording sound as good as possible. Remember people will be meditating, so any sounds in the background or microphone interferences can cause immediate distraction.

We know not everyone has access to a recording studio and have compiled a list of tips to help you record the best quality at home:

Recording Tips

1. Find a quiet recording space.
We recommend recording in a densely furnished small room. Carpeting and thick curtains help absorb sound reflections. Avoid places that echo and hard tiled rooms like a bathroom.

2. Use a good quality microphone

- Many of the best microphone companies now make USB microphones that run directly into the computer without needing external amplification. Here are some examples.

- For iPhone and iOS users we’d highly recommend these microphones.

3. Install and operate
free recording software

- For Mac users, GarageBand is the best software solution

- Another good option for both Mac and PC users would is Audacity, which is free.

4. Source background music to further enhance your meditations (completely optional).  If you do use music, please make sure you own the rights. Some royalty-free providers include:

Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Indie Music Box

The Art Of Jim 

5. Once the file is recorded it should be exported or converted to a 192kbps MP3. Anything higher than this isn’t necessary.

If your track was recorded in a live environment then please be sure to mention this in the description. 

Content that does not meet our quality standards will not be approved.


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