How can I add or change my Profile photo?

You can upload a Profile photo via...

Via the app:

1. Select the Profile icon

2. View Public Profile 

3. Edit my info 

4. Tap the Profile thumbnail and follow the prompts

5. Save.

Via the website: 

1. Sign In

2. My Account

3. Edit profile

4. Change Profile photo

5. Update. 

Please Note: 

If you wish to upload a Profile photo using the app, please ensure you have allowed the app access to your photos through your device settings.


1. Launch iOS settings

2. Privacy

3. Photos

4. Locate Insight Timer.


1. Launch Android Settings

2. Select Apps

3. Locate Insight Timer

4. Permissions

5. Set Storage Toggle to 'On'. (This setting may vary depending on Android device). 



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