What Is Insight Timer for Publishers?

Insight Timer is not only a platform for beginner and long-time meditators, it’s also a place for meditation teachers, creators, organizations, and musicians to share conscious content with millions of people all over the world.

Free to use anytime, anywhere

Our app hosts the largest free guided meditation library in the world, accessible to all — no trade-ins or fees required.

Access to a global market, minus fees

We believe in creating equal opportunities for all teachers. Our platform connects you to a global audience for free, so you don’t have to worry about setting up your own studio or overhead expenses. Simply sign up and start uploading

A warm, and engaged community

Here, people of all shapes and colors come together to support each other’s journey to well-being. Over 10,000 teachers, including Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Mooji, Lama Rod Owens, and Lalah Deliah already share their content on the app and have thousands of dedicated listeners. Should you decide to join, you’re in good company.


We welcome a wide variety of content, from guided meditations to music tracks, talks, and podcasts. These stem from a variety of different traditions – like Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Secular Mindfulness – and cater to a range of benefits such as sleep, managing stress, and boosting self-confidence.

No exclusivity

If you feel hesitant about signing contracts or losing rights, there is no need. With Insight Timer, there is no contract and no catch. It is completely free to be involved and you remain in full control of anything you upload.

Fair and meaningful revenue

Our commitment lies in providing meaningful income to our teachers. We split all revenue 50-50. Learn more about how teachers can earn revenue on Insight Timer.

Overall, our aim is to help you connect with a targeted audience and get more people around the world meditating.

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